Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | August 3, 2009

Twilight Mania

         Even the grown-ups (females) lust after Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) .  In this year’s MTV Movie Awards, Jim Carrey typically won the best comedic performance and added a little joke for Pattinson in his speech. He mentioned Robert as “the good-looking kid from Twilight”.

Whether you have read the book or not (and sometimes especially if you haven’t heard the book), you fall for the story, and you fall for Cullen. And it is just too easy to identify with Bella. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you are from. She is plain and definitely not strikingly pretty. So the fact that the most gorgeous guy in school notices her and falls for her, is a fantasy most women ponder. Then add the mutual & etarnal love to the equation, and voila…we are hooked.


 Edward Cullen is the perfect creature ( he is a  vampire so I guess the word creature is appropriate).  He is bloody sexy, deeply romantic and loyal to the end. He has amazing stamina and strength (again, perks of being a vamp) and he can hear anyone’s thoughts, apart from his love interest’s. Oh, let’s not forget the fact that he can play the piano, dance and literally & metaphorically knock you off your feet. So most men are bound to hate him and the movie. They say that there isn’t enough action in the movie (sure there isn’ t, it is basically a love story) and that the characters aren’t realistic (people- it is set in a world with vampires, so why are we questioning impossibly pure loves? Or the fact that Edward looks at Bella like she is dinner? She is!  He even mentions it himself, remember?). And again, why would you go see Twilight if you don’t want a love story? Have you seen the trailer? Or the poster, for that matter?


         Let’s not discuss how a character or love like this wouldn’t exist in the real world. He is a vampire. If you can buy that, you can buy the rest. Maybe the effects weren’t good enough. I don’t really care. I have seen much worse in movies with much larger budgets-and those were ACTION movies.

The acting? Some find it mediocre. Some find it just right. The music is perfect, the author Stephenie Meyer approves of it (she even appears very shortly in a scene).

My mom-mid 50s-  adored it and she hates vampires.  The 16 year-old-sister of a good friend loved it and so did I. Give it a shot. Just don’t watch it with a male if you can help it…

And if you have read the book, there will be the issue of how it is not nearly as good. People, there are not many readers out there who have been satisfied with the movie adaptation of anything. Yet when you haven’t read it beforehand and liked the flick, then you just wish people would stop bitching about the differences and talk on about how much you enjoyed the whole experience.

P.S: The second movie (based on the second book-New Moon) is on its way.

P.P.S: More Twilight-related posts are on the way…



  1. Is he handsome? Yes !
    Is he young? Yes !

    Then keep quite and watch the movie :D

    A wampire fallin love a human.. Same old stroy..

  2. yeah, i must confess that watching it (him, actually:D) is a feast for the eyes :)) and that’s it!

  3. the scene I love the most is the baseball scene where muse plays in the background
    i also love how the movie shows they are really in love with each other- this really makes you fall under edward’s spell

  4. Who cares about reality? The guy is gorgeous,uber-strong and romantic. It is the most unrealistic combination. So it just makes perfect sense that he is a vampire.
    Can’t wait to see New Moon!

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