Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | July 23, 2009


3681891702_5e36d48ed9 Knowing  (2009)


(Beware of spoilers!!!)


So I have a tendency to follow Alex Proyas’ work. How can I not? The guy shot The Crow. And although not as great as that, Dark City was in its element. Both movies were gloomy and questioning; yet they were not without a glimpse of hope. Having come right out of the theatre of after seeing Knowing was very disappointing, even if you do not compare it to the two cult classics. I like Nicolas Cage, and I do like to see some supernaturalism on the screen. Alex & Cage should have equaled greatness. Instead, what we got was… I truly don’t know. The movie was quite OK during the first half. Then, suddenly it turned into a weird combo of Dark City, The last Indiana Jones movie and The Day The Earth Stood Still. OMFG. I am no  movie critic; I am merely a movie fan so I will honestly the say the ending crushed me. Here are the questions that fail to be answered:

Why those two kids? Why two rabbits? What was with the Stones? Why wait 50 years? Why all the religious references then to make a cliché of a spaceship? Why let everyone else die? Cage’s character wasn’t so bad either. A smart, loving guy…So why get rid of him? So the fans will come with different answers but I don’t get why the makers of the movie bothered…Fine. So worse movies have been made. But the guys in dark coats, white  expressionless faces…resembling Spike from Buffy? Or maybe Silas from The Da Vinci Code?  

I ’ll just keep watching The Crow and The Dark City, then…



  1. couldn’t agree more. for some of the critics this movie was the ultimate razzie nominee, but to me it is more weird than lousy. it left me puzzled, and slightly disappointed. hope we get to see the better side(s) of Cage soon :)

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