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The Other Man (2008)


Can I have another movie? Another movie where Banderas teams with Neeson? Because this can’t be it. It shouldn’t be. Liam Neeson is a marvelous actor. I have tremendous respect for his work. No matter what the genre, he shines through his role. Take a look at Nell, Schindler’s List, Michael Collins, Love Actually, Kinsey…The list goes on. And last but not least I have seen him in Taken- a breath-taking action drama, where he proves to be an impressive action hero – at the age of 56, which is downright cool. And in the same year as Taken, I saw him in The Other Man, where he plays the husband, as opposed to the other man portrayed by Antonio Banderas. And Antonio Banderas is a good actor. Sure he has to play roles that greet his Hispanic roots (he has never mastered the American accent, as you might have noticed) and this of course blocks his diversity to some level but other than that, he is almost always fun to watch. And under normal circumstances, he would be perfect to play the lover. He has made a name for himself for being hot – and rightfully so. Remember Desperado? Femme Fatale? Original Sin? Never Talk to Strangers? Even if he played guys that fall for the lead females deceptive ways (apart from Desperado), he is perfect as the sexy man. Hell, the first two Spanish guys  were blonde, boyish and not nearly half as masculine.

So normally, it is a good idea to cast Neeson as the devoted husband who gets crushed to find out his wife had an affair. And it would make perfect sense that a woman could fall for an exotic looking stranger. But then there is the movie plot where I didn’t get or sympathize with any of the characters.

The movie overall has a very dark, gloomy and tedious atmosphere. Instead of mystery and curiousity, boredom is much more likely to happen. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why Laura Linney’s Lisa would fall for Antonio’s Ralph. He doesn’t have anything going for him (not even looks- you should see the haircut and the white socks). He is an average guy who doesn’t even have an ounce of mystery around him (well- that’s what you think a woman cheating on a devoted,stable and predictable husband would go for). So Lisa cheats and we can’t see why. I can’t see what it is about Lisa that made those two men love her that much…

Did I not go into the plot? Well, when Peter (Neeson) finds out, he finds out who and where he is and sets out to…well to kill him. The cat and mouse thing gives the movie a little thrill, but then it is slow again and the twists we get do more harm than good.

If it hadn’t been a movie with Neeson and Banderas – and I really like Laura Linney’s work too  (especially The Life of David Gale with Kevin Spacey) – I would have just said that it was a slow movie and not exactly my thing. But I know how much excitement the actors can bring to the right parts and how capable they are of picking good scripts. So the result is disappointment and well, hopes for a reunion – fingerscrossed, with a different director and a screenwriter. 



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Someone Like You: Old Cow, New Cow



Jane Goodale (Judd) is happy. She’s got a good job as a talk show producer and she’s dating Ray (Kinnear), also from behind the scenes. Their relationship is going just great and they both seem totally invested in it, and Ray really makes Eddie (Jackman) look bad. Eddie is also working behind the scenes and a true womanizer. But then Ray does something Jane doesn’t see coming: he dumps her, right after having made plans for moving in together. Jane is now single, bitter, extremely heart-broken; and to top it all, she is homeless. So now moving in with Eddie seems like her only option.

The disappointmet inspires Jane to write a theory that compares men to male animals and labels dumped women as  old cows. So the theory suggested that the male would move on to a new cow after a while. It also seems more fun to pen this theory under the identity of a very old professor, the secret identity only known by her best friend Liz ( Tomei). Eddie is half- amused and half-pissed about Jane’s weird assumptions. And all though he is “using women as ATM machines” as Jane puts it, maybe Eddie and Jane could make a better match than Jane and Ray ever did…

So what if  you knew she would actually for all Jackman right after the movie starts? No, I’m not giving any spoilers. It is just so obvious. Kinnear’s character turns out to be a jerk, and he was too good to be true in the first place. And of course we are introduced to Eddie’s past, and learn he used to be in a serious relationship which ended with the girl tearing his heart out. And seriously who can consider Eddie just a friend/roommate anyway? It just doesn’t happen. So it is a sweet  and kind of quirky (what other romantic comedy you watched had so much cow talk and images include?) and funny. Of course it has clichés but they are fun so who cares? 2 men. 1 girl. 1 guy treats the girl a lot better. There are bound to be similarites to stuff you have been before. But it does its job. It’s romantic and it is funny. And it is not like either sex will have a hard time figuring out why they are attracted to each other. It’s Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman we are talking about.But be warned, if you don’t like to see the ending coming, please stay away from Someone Like You. And the 99.99% of romantic comedies. I’m just saying.



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Paul Sutton (Reeves) returns home from World War II to a wife he barely knows and that doesn’t seem all that exhilarated to see him. And unknown to Paul, she is cheating on him.They got married too soon and before he went to war so…Well, Paul is back and he needs to make a living, by selling chocolates- not something he is all that excited about.

On the way, he meets Victoria (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) , a beautiful Mexican young woman who is back from college, and she is very upset. After all she is single and pregnant, with the baby of her professor- who is not interested at all being with her. She is very scared of what her extremely traditional father (Giancarlo Giannini) might do. So Paul offers to help. He suggests that he pretends to be her husband, meet her family and leave the next day. At least when the baby news is heard, it won’t be illegitimate. Victoria is touched by his offer and together they go to meet her family. However her father is not thrilled buy the fact that her daughter has run off and gotten married on her own, to a man the family doesn’t know and to top it all, a man who sells chocolate for a living. But the loving mother, grandmother and the grandfather (Anthony Quinn) are all happy for Victoria and welcome Paul into the family. Coincidence, accidents and the grandfather’s acts seem to get his way and Paul has to stay for more than a week, which gives Paul and Victoria more time together and well…fall in love. Of course there are huge problems. Like Paul is already married and has to leave eventually and there’s going to be one hell of a problem if/when her father finds out.

The family has a tremendous grape field and they make quite a nice and rich living out of them. The beauty of the field and the traditions that come with their crops, make wonderful cinematography and just adds to the magic of the story.

The atmosphere, the scenery and the traditions make the movie a lovely watch. The father’s extreme reactions and his quest to get rid of Paul make enough funny scenes. Overall, it is a beautiful film.

Oh yes, it is a girlie movie. It is a chick flick. Bring the labels on. Because it really is a romantic movie. It depicts a love story that is genuine that lacks any type of game-playing and manipulation. Two nice people with two very different backgrounds find each other and fall in love. Although I think this movie is sincere and can be enjoyed by either gender, I can imagine what some boys are going to say about it. Or people will find a way to bash Keanu’s acting, some seem to regard it as a hobby. In fact just the other day a friend actually said “Who the hell ever takes Keanu Reeves seriously?”. Well, to his dismay, I raised my hand – half-joking, and half- making a point. The way I see it, he is awfully underrated. He brings out whatever his role requires him to. And this movie you will see him portraying a sweet,vulnerable and romantic character in the way that it is supposed to be portrayed. So when you leave the Keanu Reeves haters and the people allergic to most/all romantic-movies, you will see that this movie is enjoyable once you leave all the cynicism behind.

End note:

Director: Alfonso Arau, the director of Like Water Like Chocolate

Writers: Robert Mark Kamen, Mark Miller and Harvey Wietzman (thanks to for writing credits)


I’m merely pointing out that writers and the director all men. I’m just saying…

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Thick as Thieves (2009)


Ripley is an aging, master crook in debt to the Russian mafia. He requests the help of another expert thief, Gabriel to pull of a 4o-million-dollar heist. Ripley also has an attractive god-daughter called Alex, whose father was killed- probably by none other than Ripley himself.

The movie shows us how fast and dangerous stunts Gabriel can pull and that Ripley can track him down. He gets Gabby’s interest by mentioning how much the theft will be worth. Gabby is also very interested in Alex…

Are you smelling clichés? Are you expecting Antonio’s character to get Alexa into bed within the second day he sees her? Are you also expecting Abby to care a lot for this woman that he sleeps with twice? Well, you are right. It is in so many ways a very typical script. It does have some good twists, although you will notice them coming. Well, clichés aren’t that big of a problem. How they explain the twists are. It is not logical at all.  But if you just don’t question anything, it is an OK movie.

Now, I really do have to write about some of the comments made about the movies and the actors though. I read this funny comment that Banderas was too old for the role. Trust me, the movie has many issues but the actor’s age is not one of them. Well, the fact that he can get the girl for instance is one of the few things that made sense. He is 49, in good shape and all though he has matured, he is good-looking. The problem is that his character just seems too plausible and too naive .Other than that the movie does entertain.  Just don’t think. About anything.

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Man from Earth (2007)


Professor  John Oldman (David Lee Smith) is in his late 30s and he has just lefty his position as a professor at the university. He has only worked there for 10 years so his friends can’t quite understand his desire to move on. But he is determined so they decide to throw him a going away party. As his friends gather and chat, the script gives us little clues that we are about to witness some interesting story; like why does John have a Van Gogh painting that unmistakably resembles an original? His friends also mention that John hasn’t aged a day in 10 years. It turns out that they don’t know him as well as they think. He has quite an explanation as to why he has to move. He is also torn between telling his friends. Then he does. To the disbelief of all the science people in the room, he admits to being immortal. He is about 14.000 years old. His aging has stopped at age 35 so in order to go unnoticed, he leaves every 10 years and moves on to something else. They are also getting outrageous with his claims, since it goes against all their specialties: biology, anthropology,  archeology… But he is so consistent, some seem so to believe him. After all they can’t disprove his story…The more his friends listen, the more they get concerned by John’s well-being. Is he nuts? Or are they actually facing a former caveman?

The script is full of intelligent twists. David Lee Smith portrays his character intensely and persuasively. The story is interesting and it glues you to the screen. They hardly ever leave the house and the only other filming location is the front yard of his house. The director is Richard Schenkman. The amazing story belongs to Jerome Bixby. He is the writer of the original Star Trek. And even if you like Star Trek or not, this story is nothing short of a masterpiece. It appeals to movie lovers of different tastes and surprises you with its intelligence and creativity. You won’t regret seeing this.

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24th DAY (2004)


For a lot of people, James Marsden is best known for his role as Cyclops in the X-men series. He has also proven that he can sing and be funny in movies like Hairspray and Enchantment. He could also pull-off regular romantic in 27 dresses. But if there is a movie that proves what a good actor Marsden is, it is this one. This movie doesn’t have special effects, a strong ensemble cast or expensive production. Here he has one equally talented co-star (Scott Speedman- who we also remember from expensive productions such as the Underworld movies, where he plays a vampire/werewolf hybrid), inside of a small flat as location and probably a small camera crew. With lesser actors, the movie could be a disaster. After all we are talking about a drama/thriller that takes all of its excitement from the twists of the story and the strength of the actors.

Tom (Speedman) and Dan (Marsden) meet in a bar and they get along. They end up going to Tom’s apartment. What we expect to happen is some flirting and a one night stand. Instead, Tom starts to act strange. Dan doesn’t remember it but they have been in his apartment before. They had sex before. Dan is weirded out by Tom’s behavior and wants to leave but is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he is tied up in a chair. Then Tom reveals the reason behind his behavior. He has found out he has AIDS 24 days ago. Since Dan is the only guy he has ever been with, he is sure he got it from him. So it is simple, really: Tom is going to get Dan’s blood tested. If Dan doesn’t have it, he will walk. If he does, Tom is going to kill him.

After that, we have mind-games, power-plays, plot-twists. The story is slow, but never boring until the moment Tom takes Dan hostage. After that, it is one hell of a ride.

The script is based on a play by the play the director/screenwriter himself (Tony Piccirillo). It is intense and gripping. It is also one of the most interesting low-budget movies I have seen. Give it a shot.

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Favorite Revenge Movies

Oh, they are the best! They depict emotions in a raw, powerful form. And by revenge, I’m not talking about an underpaid, overworked guy sticking it up to boss’s ass. Nope. I am talking about when a loved one is murdered and the one who left behind takes justice into his own hands. The latest promising avenger movie is Law Abiding Citizen, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.



Butler’s character is the avenger. But the wonderful think about the film is he won’t be just taking care of the murderers that took his family’s life. He will also come after the prosecutor who cut a deal with them, the judge who let him and basically the whole system. Don’t worry, I didn’t give away any spoilers. It is all in the thriller. You can check it out here:

I for one can’t wait till it comes to a theater near me. Until it does, I decided to pay a visit to some of the revenge movies I love.



It is a revenge movie. Yes, it is epic,and glorious and tells us how the real life Scottish folk hero led his people to freedom by fighting the English. But the urge to take revenge starts all that. Wallace was just an ordinary boy when his father was killed. But he was taken and raised by his uncle, who taught him to be an intelligent, world-savvy person. He came back to his town and he had no desire to fight. But then the English kill his wife- a woman he loved deeply and loved more than anything and everyone else. So, this drove him to edge. It is possibly one of the most noble acts of revenge, since he did not give up after finishing off his wife’s murderers and continued to fight for his and his countrymen’s freedom. All of the scenes are priceless. The movie has 5 Academy Awards, including Best Film and Best Director; both won by the film’s lead actor/director/producer Mel Gibson. If you haven’t seen it yet, and you are not against the concept of historical epic movies, you really shouldn’t miss this.

The Crow (1994)


Such a dark,gothic,powerful cult classic. A rock musician’s ( Eric Draven played by Brandon Lee) fiancée is raped and murdered. Moreover, he is murdered. The great thing about this movie is that the avenger is also dead, and yet he comes back to avenge his and his fiancée’s murders. It is also fascinating to watch as the bad guys go nuts trying to kill him because he just can’t be killed. After all, he is already dead. It would have been lovely to follow Brandon Lee’s projects after this one, but unfortunately he died during the making of this film, which adds to its dark atmosphere. Director Alex Proyas created a cult status for himself. Although Dark City was brilliant, he disappointed quite a few times with his other work. But hey, it is hard to measure up to a film like this.

Death Sentence (2007)



Although it is not as highly rated and regarded as the two movies above, it is a solid example of the genre. Kevin Bacon plays a dad whose son is murdered and the guilty will not receive a slightly deserving punishment. He loses it. He kills the guy who did it. But where the other revenge flicks would normally end, this one actually starts. Now the gang the bad boy belonged to goes after the dad and the remaining of his family, which might end up in dad having to take revenge once again, more brutally and absolutely. I think revenge flicks should not be judged the originality of the script. Not that I find this one refreshing in some parts, I do. But this kind of drama takes its power from the actors and how the director handles the shots. And this movie was beautifully done. Bacon is apt at playing any character, good and bad. But I am guessing the fact that he is a father in real life and really big on his family, and his own fears helped him bring out such a powerful performance. Watch it. It is exciting, disturbing and emotional. I am not exactly a fan of Saw movies. Haven’t even seen the first one. But now that I found out that the director of the first movie,James Wan, directed Death Sentence, I have this newly found respect for the guy. May he make more movies like this…

Desperado (1995) :



Oh yeah. The movie that will make me love its director Robert Rodriguez regardless of how I feel about his other projects. This is a glorious,well-funded sequel to the more modest El Mariachi,which as good as it might have been, lacked one very important element: Antonio Banderas. In the first movie his girlfriend was murdered so now he seeks to avenge her death. Oh, and he has guitar case stuffed with the good guns and he will get rid of you if you try to get in his way.

The revenge movie’s lead is so undeniably significant. He needs to be likable. Yeah, sure it is
easy to identify with a guy whose loved one has been murdered- who loved that person so strongly that they risked their own lives in the name of taking justice in their own hands. He needs to look like a lover and a killer. Brandon Lee was charismatic in spite of his make-up-which added wonders to the cult image. Mel Gibson was tough,strong and masculine, and yet vulnerable, despite the traditional kilt. Antonio Banderas makes a wonderful action hero. He is hot,dark,well-built and passionate. What he lacks in height is more than made up to by his charisma and extreme good looks. Oh, he also sings, plays the guitar, uses his guitar as a weapon and meanwhile he does seduce and is seduced by the gorgeous Salma Hayek. Desperado is pure action, 0 drama and kick-ass entertainment. It doesn’t get deep.It just gets even. Kevin Bacon comes from the theater. He started in H0llywood as nice guy roles but he made a name for himself playing the bad guys. So he has no problem at all portraying a guy who is driven to the edge. In fact, he looks like he is made for it.
These movies are all different from each other but they have the core in common: You root for the good guy, you love the blood shed from the bad guys and the action sequences are brilliant. With the exception of Death Sentence, I have seen the rest many times.Which reminds me, I definitely should add the Kevin Bacon film to my collection. It sure as hell deserves a second viewing. I think for an actor, the action role doesn’t get better than a good revenge movie.

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Dear Frankie (2004)


Dear Frankie is a charming little story about a young woman’s love for her deaf son and the lengths she will go to protect him from any disappointment and danger regarding his father.

Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) lives with her son Frankie (Jack McElhone) and her mother. The story of Frankie’s dad remains a mystery to the viewer for a while.  What we know though is that Lizzie has been exchanging letters with Frankie, posing as his father. She has told  him that he works on a ship and has to travel a lot, which disables him from coming home. She has even used a name of a ship she has seen on a stamp. But as luck would have it, the ship is real and is about to come to their town. Though torn between telling the truth and keeping up with the reality she created, she painfully decides to hire a man to pose as Frankie’s dad. Her friend finds her a man with no past,present and future- a man she knows nothing about, just like Lizzie wishes. This Stranger (Gerard Butler) meets Frankie and spends a day with him. What she couldn’t have plan for was that this guy would form a bond with her son and herself and would want to spend an extra day with them…

It is not the most original script, I am going to admit that. But sometimes, just like this movie, the performances are so beautiful and powerful that you don’t mind that you might have watched similar stuff before. You get lost in the story, root for Lizzie and her son and you want the stranger to stick around. The landscape is amazing. This is not a movie that costs a lot. This is not a movie you expect to be marketed aggressively. But the important thing is, it is not a movie that you will forget. And that’s what matters at the end of the day.









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Hugh Jackman: My favorite Australian ever


He presented the 81st Academy Awards in 2009. I traditionally watch the show every year since I was a little kid and I don’t remember having been entertained this much. His theatrics, jokes, presence were all just brilliant. He danced and sang like a pro. He was genuinely funny- I think the only guy who could do a funnier job is Jim Carrey but then again I am not sure Jim could pull of the dancing routine like Jackman.

2009 Academy Awards

2009 Academy Awards



It is amazing how far Hugh has come in his career. Not that he doesn’t deserve all of his popularity, but I just hadn’t seen it coming when I first saw him in the 2001 movie, Swordfish. Since then he has been in rom-coms, dramas, thrillers and action movies. He has done theater and played the lead in hit Broadway musicals. He has done movies both in his hometown Australia and in Hollywood. Though his biggest and role has been of Wolverine, one of the most popular characters in the X-men series. Although arguably Meg Ryan was the more famous one when they starred together in the 2001 flick Kate and Leopold, right now Hugh Jackman has a much stronger status.

He is just one of the lucky men in Hollywood whose adored both by men and women; by critics and movie-goers.  He is breathtakingly gorgeous. I haven’t yet met a girl who thinks that he is not attractive. I remember being in the movie theater with two girl friends of mine, watching Swordfish. We have absolutely the most opposite taste in men yet we all simultaneously agreed that Hugh was hot. On the top of all this, he is a family man. He has been married to his first and only wife since 1996 and they are raising their kids together. Oh,well-as I said, everyone loves him. And his masculinity and strength are not questioned by his fellow co-stars. Ryan Reynolds- who plays Wade Wilson actually said that Hugh would probably win, were they to engage in wrestling. 

 Of course there are some of his old projects that I couldn’t get my hands on (like some of his earlier Australian work) and some movies of his that I didn’t enjoy all that much, such as The Fountain and Deception. But mostly, his movies entertain. They take you from your reality to the movie’s and he makes you believe whatever reality his movie is representing. Since this guy has done so much, I think it’s best if we just consider some examples from this decade.


X-men (2000)


He plays Wolverine. He’ll continue to play the role for three more movies, the second and third parts of the trilogy and X-men origins: Logan/Wolverine. He likes to be and work alone but he needs to join in the mutants team for the sake of Prof. Xavier and he also has the hots for Jean Grey, who is married to another X-men mutant: Scott/Cyclops. The plot is just to good to go into the specifics and X-men shall have their own posts.


   Swordfish (2001)


John Travolta makes a great villain. He’s tough, he’s crazy and he’s fun to watch. You just keep your fingers crossed that hacker Stanley Jobson can pull off everything so that he can save himself and others from the potential wrath of the psychotic Gabriel (Travolta) and his not so pleasant surprises.


(2001) Kate & Leopold


Kate (Ryan)’s ex Stu discovers a time travel portal and manages to be tracked down by someone from 1870s: Leopold. Leopold’s process of adjustment to today’s life in New York is hilarious. Meanwhile, Kate is thinking that she always has attracted crazy men. After all, Leopold acts just like himself. Still, Leo is handsome,gentle and has a unique character. Little does she know where the uniqueness comes from…

Van Helsing (2004):

Jackman as Van Helsing

Jackman as Van Helsing

 Jackman plays the famous monster hunter Van Helsing, fighting the ultimate bottle with the help of Anna (Kate Beckinsale)


(2006) The Prestige




Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play the rival magicians- one has the ultimate secret of a breath-taking trick and the other will do anything to get it.

(2008) Australia


It’s not your typical Buz Luhrmann movie. It is epic and in some senses it i much more traditional than his other works like Romeo and Juliet or Moulin Rouge. However it is beautiful- with performances and cinematography.

Pre-World War II. British Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman) comes to Australia to meet her husband and manage the land but she finds that her husband is dead and the natives are being abused. Along with the help of the loner/free-spirited cattle driver Drover, she needs to save her cattle and from an enemy.Not to mention the growing attraction between her and Drover (Jackman)…



Hugh Jackman is of course not exactly resting. He has many movies in (pre-) production stages and Wolverine II is one of them. At 41, he is at the peak of his career and his looks. He enjoys all the perks of fame without letting the whole concept get to his head. I just hope that he never tires of acting. And how lovely it would be if I ever got to see him live on Broadway.



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The Time Traveler’s Wife

AM:TP final

for the trailer:

Henry (Bana) has a some sort of a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel. He can’t control when, how often and how long. To make matters worse, his clothes do not travel with him. This “malfunction” causes complications in his life – hell, imagine finding yourself naked and without anything in a place you may or may not have been before. This adds some humor and a little action to an otherwise intense and emotional love story.

The story does not focus on why. The way it is structured first tells us Henry discovers his situation early on and does his best to live a somewhat isolated existence. Then a pretty young woman named Clare (McAdams) shows up. She says he has been visiting her ever since she was a little kid. She has seen him older and younger, has interacted with him her whole life and is totally in love with him. Though taken aback, Henry finds himself at ease with Clare. Someone knows his condition and loves and accepts him like that. We see a wonderful bond between two people. They get married and plan on having a family. But the relationship has its ups and downs, due to the fact that it is impossible to know for how long Henry will be gone for, and his disappearances can not be foreseen. But it is hard for Clare to remain angry. As Henry puts it, he is pulled in by big events and he frequently finds himself visiting Clare when she was a kid and when she was a young girl.

Ever since I first saw the trailer, I wanted to see this movie. I really wanted to see how and why these two fell for each other. I wanted to see how-if- Henry would get to control his condition. I wanted to see how he first met Clare and how they fell in love. The problem is, we never got to see why. Of course Clare is lovely and pretty and all that. But according to the movie, the first time Henry sees Clare is when she comes to him,saying that she has known him and waited for him. OK- at one point you have to have a present to go to the past from, right? You will know what I mean when you see the movie.

I am so intrigued by time-travel. It has always been such an inspiration and something that I wish was possible. It is a concept filled with such potential. Yet it takes guts to write about it, because you are in some serious danger of creating more plot holes than you can fill. Of course the first step is to accept for the length of the story that it is possible. No problem there. We are with Henry. We feel his pain and joy and we take his interesting journey with him. But there is something missing. We never get a true sense of beginning for his love for Clare.Which is worse than any dissatisfaction that any other element in the movie, because it is a love story. It would probably be better if they gave us that. But nonetheless, it is a beautiful movie. It is touching, sad, intense but it fills you with joy too. Both Bana and Adams are amazing. What’s more mesmerizing though is Bana’s performance. Because with each role he transforms himself- if you just check out Chopper or Troy, you will see my point-We buy his story.Throughout the movie, you do let go of your questions. Yes, if you give it some consideration afterwards, you do need some explanation. For instance, I am planning to read the book for answers. Yes, it was based on a book of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger. But by all means go see the movie. It may not be without faults, but it is definitely worth the time- if you do believe in true love, that is…



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