Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 23, 2009

Someone Like You: Old Cow, New Cow



Jane Goodale (Judd) is happy. She’s got a good job as a talk show producer and she’s dating Ray (Kinnear), also from behind the scenes. Their relationship is going just great and they both seem totally invested in it, and Ray really makes Eddie (Jackman) look bad. Eddie is also working behind the scenes and a true womanizer. But then Ray does something Jane doesn’t see coming: he dumps her, right after having made plans for moving in together. Jane is now single, bitter, extremely heart-broken; and to top it all, she is homeless. So now moving in with Eddie seems like her only option.

The disappointmet inspires Jane to write a theory that compares men to male animals and labels dumped women as  old cows. So the theory suggested that the male would move on to a new cow after a while. It also seems more fun to pen this theory under the identity of a very old professor, the secret identity only known by her best friend Liz ( Tomei). Eddie is half- amused and half-pissed about Jane’s weird assumptions. And all though he is “using women as ATM machines” as Jane puts it, maybe Eddie and Jane could make a better match than Jane and Ray ever did…

So what if  you knew she would actually for all Jackman right after the movie starts? No, I’m not giving any spoilers. It is just so obvious. Kinnear’s character turns out to be a jerk, and he was too good to be true in the first place. And of course we are introduced to Eddie’s past, and learn he used to be in a serious relationship which ended with the girl tearing his heart out. And seriously who can consider Eddie just a friend/roommate anyway? It just doesn’t happen. So it is a sweet  and kind of quirky (what other romantic comedy you watched had so much cow talk and images include?) and funny. Of course it has clichés but they are fun so who cares? 2 men. 1 girl. 1 guy treats the girl a lot better. There are bound to be similarites to stuff you have been before. But it does its job. It’s romantic and it is funny. And it is not like either sex will have a hard time figuring out why they are attracted to each other. It’s Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman we are talking about.But be warned, if you don’t like to see the ending coming, please stay away from Someone Like You. And the 99.99% of romantic comedies. I’m just saying.




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