Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 22, 2009

Thick as Thieves (2009)


Ripley is an aging, master crook in debt to the Russian mafia. He requests the help of another expert thief, Gabriel to pull of a 4o-million-dollar heist. Ripley also has an attractive god-daughter called Alex, whose father was killed- probably by none other than Ripley himself.

The movie shows us how fast and dangerous stunts Gabriel can pull and that Ripley can track him down. He gets Gabby’s interest by mentioning how much the theft will be worth. Gabby is also very interested in Alex…

Are you smelling clichés? Are you expecting Antonio’s character to get Alexa into bed within the second day he sees her? Are you also expecting Abby to care a lot for this woman that he sleeps with twice? Well, you are right. It is in so many ways a very typical script. It does have some good twists, although you will notice them coming. Well, clichés aren’t that big of a problem. How they explain the twists are. It is not logical at all.  But if you just don’t question anything, it is an OK movie.

Now, I really do have to write about some of the comments made about the movies and the actors though. I read this funny comment that Banderas was too old for the role. Trust me, the movie has many issues but the actor’s age is not one of them. Well, the fact that he can get the girl for instance is one of the few things that made sense. He is 49, in good shape and all though he has matured, he is good-looking. The problem is that his character just seems too plausible and too naive .Other than that the movie does entertain.  Just don’t think. About anything.


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