Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 17, 2009

The Time Traveler’s Wife

AM:TP final

for the trailer:

Henry (Bana) has a some sort of a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel. He can’t control when, how often and how long. To make matters worse, his clothes do not travel with him. This “malfunction” causes complications in his life – hell, imagine finding yourself naked and without anything in a place you may or may not have been before. This adds some humor and a little action to an otherwise intense and emotional love story.

The story does not focus on why. The way it is structured first tells us Henry discovers his situation early on and does his best to live a somewhat isolated existence. Then a pretty young woman named Clare (McAdams) shows up. She says he has been visiting her ever since she was a little kid. She has seen him older and younger, has interacted with him her whole life and is totally in love with him. Though taken aback, Henry finds himself at ease with Clare. Someone knows his condition and loves and accepts him like that. We see a wonderful bond between two people. They get married and plan on having a family. But the relationship has its ups and downs, due to the fact that it is impossible to know for how long Henry will be gone for, and his disappearances can not be foreseen. But it is hard for Clare to remain angry. As Henry puts it, he is pulled in by big events and he frequently finds himself visiting Clare when she was a kid and when she was a young girl.

Ever since I first saw the trailer, I wanted to see this movie. I really wanted to see how and why these two fell for each other. I wanted to see how-if- Henry would get to control his condition. I wanted to see how he first met Clare and how they fell in love. The problem is, we never got to see why. Of course Clare is lovely and pretty and all that. But according to the movie, the first time Henry sees Clare is when she comes to him,saying that she has known him and waited for him. OK- at one point you have to have a present to go to the past from, right? You will know what I mean when you see the movie.

I am so intrigued by time-travel. It has always been such an inspiration and something that I wish was possible. It is a concept filled with such potential. Yet it takes guts to write about it, because you are in some serious danger of creating more plot holes than you can fill. Of course the first step is to accept for the length of the story that it is possible. No problem there. We are with Henry. We feel his pain and joy and we take his interesting journey with him. But there is something missing. We never get a true sense of beginning for his love for Clare.Which is worse than any dissatisfaction that any other element in the movie, because it is a love story. It would probably be better if they gave us that. But nonetheless, it is a beautiful movie. It is touching, sad, intense but it fills you with joy too. Both Bana and Adams are amazing. What’s more mesmerizing though is Bana’s performance. Because with each role he transforms himself- if you just check out Chopper or Troy, you will see my point-We buy his story.Throughout the movie, you do let go of your questions. Yes, if you give it some consideration afterwards, you do need some explanation. For instance, I am planning to read the book for answers. Yes, it was based on a book of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger. But by all means go see the movie. It may not be without faults, but it is definitely worth the time- if you do believe in true love, that is…




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