Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 5, 2009

Tango and Cash (1989)


Got to love the 80s and the 90s. When it comes to action flicks, these two decades gave birth to some of the best classics. Tango and Cash is a typical action comedy with all the right indigrients. It has the two cops who seem to have opposite personalities and different ways of working-who are forced to unite to solve a case. It has the obligatory hot chick- in this case a 25- year-old Teri Hatcher (Susan Meyer of the Desperate Housewives). And it works. It is funny. The jokes are somewhat predictable yet never boring. There some really cool action scenes, far-fetched escapes and sweet revenge.

The plot is interesting enough. Two cops who work at different police departments in L.A are already legendary with their success. Our bad guy is not happy so he decides to get rid of them in the perfect way. He buys his way into the law enforcement, has them entrapped and makes it look like they committed the ultimate crime- killing an innocent federal agent in the midst of a crooked drug deal. They are sent to jail- again the baddie has bought his way in. The two cops are sent into a hellhole instead of the federal prison they are supposed to be sent to. Now they have to stay in a prison where they have sent a lot of criminals to. It is fun to watch how they try to save their asses and begin to become friends in the process. It adds to the humor that the pretty girl is one of the cops’ (Stallone) sister and he gets all big brotherly when the other one wants to date her.

If you are into entertainment, this is a good one for you. Kurt Russell is at his prime- muscular, blue-eyed, in his 30s and looking very,very handsome. Teri Hatcher dances, and Stallone kicks some serious ass along with Russell. I saw it for the second time and had a good laugh again. Watch out for the prison scenes…

Teri Hatcher as Tango (Stallone) 's sister and Cash (Russell) 's love interest

Teri Hatcher as Tango (Stallone) 's sister and Cash (Russell) 's love interest



  1. Stallone and Russell play well off each other, and with Palance lurking in the background, this buddy-breakout never loses its way. It’s crazy, but at the same time, very fun. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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