Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 4, 2009


Let’s start with the trailer:

Enough with the cliché talks already. This is a romantic comedy and a bloody good one at that. It has some really good moments when it makes fun of the clichés; some of which prove to be true and some of which  are disproved-all in a hilarious fashion. Yes, the leads are going to fall for each other. Of course there are things individuals (movie-goers/critics) might feel should have been done differently. But please, do not talk about how it could have been better, had Katherine’s character Abby not fallen in love with Gerard’s character Mike. Oh, yes, I read such a viewer comment. This is a romantic comedy, people! If you have any objections on the concept, read on at your own risk. Because well, in this movie we have misunderstandings, fights, funny/embarrassing moments, romantic realizations…the works. But they all come within a fun script and two really gorgeous & extremely funny leads.

Abby is an organized, control-loving T.V. producer who is big on her principles and is a hopeless romantic- though she tends to let go any sort of spontaneous act when it comes to dating.

Mike is the host of The Ugly Truth: he gives out the most “practical” relationship advice: Men can’t be tamed or trained, all women need to do to get a relationship is to get thin,pretty and…yeah just thin and hot will do it.

So when Abby’s boss hires Mike and she is forced to work with him, it is a nightmare for her-well, only temporarily. It turns out Mike’s theories do work and she lands herself her new, hot neighbor Colin. But then of course things are never that simple. Abby, despite her compulsive traits is fun. Mike, despite making vulgar and shallow comments on relationships and sex, has a loving relationship with his nephew, has had his heart-broken and seems to be wanting Abby-which definitely wasn’t the plan.

So? What do we have here? An actually nice,romantic fella who has been hurt so now he is getting a kick out
of playing the sexy jerk. Oh, yes you have seen it before. You also have a girl who seems to be able to let go once she is with the right guy; a guy who likes her the way she is. Yep, we saw that too. It is an R-rated rom-com, which is definitely not a first for the genre. But we are not striving for a 100% originality here. The movie is full of great hilarious one-liners and lovely performances. You don’t really have to find it realistic. Of course it does seem far-fetched that the misunderstood romantic will look like Gerard Butler or your co-worker will be as hot as Katherine Heigl. That is not the point. The point is the movie is funny with eye-candy. Just sit back and enjoy. Why I think guys will like it? Here are some random quotes. Oh, hell I laughed at them too!!!


Mike: You’re all about comfort and efficiency!
Abby:What’s wrong with comfort and efficiency?
Mike: Well nothing, except no one wants to fuck it.


Abby: My cat stepped on the remote.
Mike: Well, be sure to thank your pussy for me.


Abby: I am your producer.

Mike: I like women on top.





  1. I believe this is the best romantic comedy written with clever sence of humor. It’s not like you see two people and sth happens along the way and they find each other in the end. This is not reality. This movie is really talking about the ughly truth and that’s what we live in , so girls do not eat chocolate and stay away from chips. You “may” find the perfect one for you.

  2. Yeah. But of course if men can play it shallow, so can we. The Stairmaster rule works both ways. It is just that we like the brain muscles developed too. Just like a stipper meeting the librarian is fantasy come true, we love the romantic in one hot buddy. Why do you think we love Mike Gerard) ? ; )

  3. I think the film makes a really valid point: should you try to act differently to impress someone or should you just be yourself?

    • the answer is just lovely: you should be yourself. mike falls in love with the real abby and abby falls in love with mike’s true character- no the show he puts on most of the time…
      as romantic as the concept is, boy- i really want that elevator scene with a guy as hot as butler. oh I also have some parts to add from my imagination as well…

  4. who wouldn’t want that??????????* :)

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