Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 3, 2009

It’s all relative

Your favorite painter, movie-maker, musician, …Who you like and why you like them are easily defined by you and perhaps by the critics of that particular type. Depending on how fanatic you are, you are ready to argue the merits and reasons of your taste yet the argument is unlikely to have a winner.

Take my student advisor for instance. He is one of my favorite people and one of the few that I respect, and yet he was very skeptical when I told him about my  intentions  about studying film as my graduate degree. His reason? I don’t like Quentin Tarantino and therefore I do not belong there. I thought he was insane. I am skeptical of all authority when it comes to passion and dreams,and when a business T.A condescending about your dreams, you just want to punch him in the face. The thing is, I don’t have to like Polanski or Tarantino. Or Spielberg or one of the Scott Brothers. You might thing the Coen Brothers have got it all and some will remain unfazed by that efforts. And that’s completely alright. You don’t have to follow all the festivals-or like a movie just for the sake of loving a low-budget, character-driven film. Just like loving a good old epic film does not make you unworthy of applying to the MFA area of your choice.

Christian Bale is quoted to have said “I think there’s a kind of pretentiousness to the idea that serious work is only found in low-budget independent movies–I can’t stand that snobbery.Couldn’t agree more. He has proven himself in a variety of roles. I think only mentioning The Machinist and Batman will suffice to prove the point.


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