Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | October 2, 2009

Touch of Pink (2004)



Alim (Mistry) has a good life. He has moved in with Giles, his super-sexy boyfriend and he is very happy. Giles (Holden-Reid) of course has no reservations about being gay, living in London and all. Alim,on the other hand, is from a Muslim family. His family lives far away and has no idea he is not interested in women. When his traditionalist mother comes to visit, meaning to find the perfect girl for his son, Giles has to pretend he is Alim’s straight room-mate. Giles’ sister is introduced as Alim’s loved one and even the idea of a bride from another culture is enough to drive the mother nuts.

Kyle MacLachlan plays Alim2s imaginary companion, Cary Grant’s spirit. He sort of displays the only father figure in Alim’s life. The mother develops a close friendship with Giles; having no idea that he is actually his son’s lover. Alim’s mother is not the only problem. Giles is having difficulty understanding Alim’s reservations. When the truth is revealed, all hell breaks loose for everyone.

The movie is very funny, sweet and emotional. The cultural differences are told in the most poignant way. You go between wanting to hug the mother and punch her and it goes same with Giles. Just sit back and be ready for laughs.


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