Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze is dead…





Setting a news page as my homepage was a bad idea. I wake up, turn on my computer and bam! Something awful greets me. Today the first news I got was about Patrick Swayze’s death. I knew he had cancer and things weren’t looking good and everything; but I was really hoping that he would beat it. He didn’t and I am just one of the fans he left behind. You see, Patrick was one of the first actors I saw on big screen. My parents took me to see Dirty Dancing when I was 3 years old. Of course I  don’t remember that but my out-going,dance-addicted, rock-n-roll loving nature and my soft spot for men who can dance, look good in jeans and leather- and are manly; yet still have that romantic nature- definitely developed thanks to that movie. Oh yes, Patrick’s character Johnny Castle ruined a lot of girls forever. He was hunky, had an amazing voice both speaking and singing- (songs he has written and performs are featured in the film).  He was loyal to the girl he fell for her and well, he was cool!!! He was my fav. Johnny and I still take him over Johnny Depp and any of his characters anytime.

Dirty Dancing (1987)


How many times have you seen this movie? I don’t remember but I never get tired of it. It’s not just about the romance. It is the fantasy of the sexy holiday fling and the even sexier concept of dirty dancing. It feels great. I used it to seduce, to be seduced, to pick up the boy I like…I use it to have fun when out with friends and to have a laugh. I do it at home to exercise and have helluva lot of fun doing it…I love the music, the time it represents… 



I don’t care how subjective it is going to sound but I’m going to have to refer to Jennifer Grey as the luckiest bitch of the 80s. Yes, of course I’m jealous that she starred in two movies with Patrick. But look at Dirty Dancing. Look at her, and the theme of the movie. She is not exactly one of the prettiest stars. I am not saying she was miscast, she definitely looked the part she was playing: innocent, idealistic (even bordering on naive), romantic. She was average looking and the fact that Johnny fell for her, is like the ultimate fairy tale. But I love dancing. And she got to dance with Johnny- and I am underlining this fact because Patrick is the dancer son of a dancer mother; married to a dancer. I would love to have been in Jennifer’s shoes…







Oh yes: all my identities are deadly jealous of Jennifer: the dreamer/ the wannabe actress/dancer/movie-maker/writer/the woman…


And then..Ghost!!! You have seen Ghost. You must have had.

GHOST  (1990)




This is the story of Sam: A guy who loves his girlfriend (Demi Moore) but isn’t so great at expressing it. One day he is murdered by his best friend and remains existing as a ghost…Sam’s journey includes the things he does to try to adapt his form, the funny adventure he has to with the nutty medium (Whoopy Goldbeg) and the obstacles to protect his  girlfriend- and of course the obstacles that get in his way. It is very funny and deeply emotional. If you can’t hear,touch or see someone how can you convince someone you exist?







He has done other good stuff too that I enjoyed. He  makes a wonderful, adrenaline-junkie bad guy: Point Break. The movie is one of my favorite action flicks. Keanu Reeves is the good guy, Patrick is the bad guy. Patrick’s team robs banks wearing president masks, right after the surfing season ends. Keanu learns how to surf and pretends to be one of the guys,as a required by F.B.I.




Sure, he had critically acclaimed roles in critically acclaimed movies. But these three, and especially the first two- are owned by him.



I met Johnny Castle first. And I am still in love with both the movie and the character of Johnny. It is the type of movie most guys hate, the type of movie that has such a sexy male character that boys you know in real life are intimidated. Man seem like kids. When you meet guys who can not dance, you think “What the…?”…

Dancer,actor, singer… Patrick Swayze will always remain as that gorgeous guy who stole your heart when you were a teen and yet still remained as one of biggest crushed. You can grow out of a lot of things, but Patrick is not one of them.

Rest in peace. We miss you already.



  1. It’S a big loss really :( Can’t believe he died. He had the most perfect body for dancing. Ghost is one of my favourites.

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