Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | September 7, 2009

THE DEAL with Christian Slater

Christian, growiing up nicely

Christian, growing up nicely


Christian, 90s

Christian, 90s

I’m so living in the 90s when it comes to movies. I believe that’s when most of the great movies have been made. Feel free to disagree but for me that was a time when movies were at their best, especially when it came to entertainment; whatever the genre. That was also an era when I had many actors to follow the filmographies of. Christian Slater was denifinitely one  of them. His name still draws me to the movie. I know I can trust him to make a good one. I know I will have fun.

Yes, I believe him to be cute. But we are not talking about hot, hot, hot. We are talking about a sort of unique, maybe quirky but totally appealing attractiveness. He carries on anger and angst very well,just as well as he plays the bad boy/bad guy. When he does get to play romantic, we girls feel lucky. He has that innocent, boyish charm- and he can be sexy at the same time. It is a dangerous and irresistable combination. Have you seen “Untamed Heart” ?

Untamed Heart (1993) with Marisa Tomei

Untamed Heart (1993) with Marisa Tomei


He skillfully plays a clueless, highly sensitive and an unintentionally reclusive young guy; who is in love with his co-worker.







Bed of Roses (1996) with Mary Stuart Masterson

Bed of Roses (1996) with Mary Stuart Masterson


Or “Bed of Roses” ? Too romantic for your taste? But, hey- Christian has the ability to forget about your cynical side.











Christian Slater against Travolta (1996)

Christian Slater against Travolta (1996)


He is not a big guy, but he is  nicely built and he sure can carry an action film. I absolutely love the John Woo flick  “Broken Arrow”. Christian versus a psychotic John Travolta… What a team. Good vs. Evil, nuclear weapons…The works.


 I don’t want to forget Basil, where he is the guy of my nightmares. Murder in the First is an excellent legal thriller/drama where he plays the dedicated lawyer of the abused Kevin Bacon…The list goes on so let’s come to this century, shall we?





I still watch the movie if Christian is  in it.  Yesterday I saw the 2005 ‘s :   “The Deal”.



 A thriller about big companies,oil deals and how far people will go to get what they want. Strategies,lies and deceptions – nicely written, beautifully acted: right up my alley.


The Deal with Slater is that he can play the lead and be in a supporting role. He is in his 3rd decade of movies. He doesn’t mind getting ugly for a role. (Please check out “He was a quiet man” and you will know what I mean.) He can pull off any genre. But I guess because he is a bad boy in real life (I forget how many times he got arrested), when he plays a romantic role; he is at his best. Add some action to the mix. We have a talented and good-looking actor who can kick ass.


All I can say to Chris is :

Cheers and keep up the good work…



  1. If someone asked me, short and handsome is it possible? i will say yes. :D This face deserving tall and nice ladies ;)

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