Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | August 15, 2009

No Mercy

1986 movie No Mercy

1986 movie No Mercy

It is over the top- with the music, the way the character are portrayed, the passion and the predictability… But it doesn’t mean it is not fun. It is a typical 80s film. Gere looks good, Basinger is hot. It includes a classic scene where Eddie (Gere) and Michel (Basinger) (girlfriend/mistress/hooker of the bad guy- whatever you want to call her) have to run fun from the bad guys through bayous. Oh, yeah- they are handcuffed together. Of course there is the initial hatred since the guy Michel is involved with has Eddie’s partner killed. But beyond the insults and the seeming loathing, there is immense attraction growing.

W e have car chases, explosions, gun shoots. We have two leads falling so hard for each other and falling so strongly, all they want is protect the other from the imminent danger ahead. I know: cliché after cliché. But then again, this is not a movie about the meaning of life. This is a fun action flick- a no-brainer with two hot leads. Sit back, and enjoy.


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