Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | August 14, 2009



After Civil War. When Jack Sommersby (Richard Gere) returns home after 6 years, town folks are happy to have him back safe and sound. So they try not to mind some mildly odd behavior- it looks like he is a kinder man. He is more respectful to the black folk, for instance. But the most surprised person is his wife (Jodie Foster). The man who she remembers as a bastard, has come back as a kind,loving man. A good husband, a good father. War changes people,right? Or is this guy really Jack? The only man who is not happy with happy with Jack’s return is Orin (Bill Pullman). Had he not returned, he would have got to marry Jack’s wife…

The story is romantic, emotional and quite captivating. You also keep wondering if people can change this much. And if it isn’t Jack, how come his wife doesn’t realize it? Or does she?



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