Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | July 18, 2009

Great Gay Love Stories; part 1: Latter Days

I don’t really care much for Brokeback Mountain. I had such high hopes for that movie.Being a big fan of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal and an admirer of Ang Lee, I was sure I was going to watch a feast of a movie. I was wrong. The cinematography was brilliant as the trailer promised but I just failed to like the characters. I saw lust, obsession and possession. Yes, I did see some flicker of the love implied during some scenes, but that was it. I was disappointed. Frankly, I was bored too.

But then I stumbled upon the DVD of Latter Days and saw a really romantic, emotional and fun story.




I mostly like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s work- he has been the part of a wonderful cast in the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun- a show that made me laugh till my muscles hurt. I also watched as he can pull of difficult roles like a male hustler in Mysterious Skin and a guy whose past mistakes haunt him,in addition to having to cope with everyday life with severe short term memory lost in the film The Lookout. When I saw his name among the cast, I grabbed Latter Days. It turned out he only had a supporting role, which was just as interesting as his previous roles.

The main story takes place between Christian and Aaron;played respectively by Wes Ramsey and Steve Sandvoss. Christian is plainly and proudly gay and promiscuous. Aaron ,however, is a Mormon missionary. When the young missionaries take residence close to Chris, things get complicated. Confident that he can bag any guy (gay or straight) , gorgeous Chris makes a bet with his flat mate that he can have sex with Aaron in no time. Although starting to be infatuated with Chris, Aaron tries to hide his feelings. After all, homosexuality is considered to be one of the biggest sins and he likes his mission. He does believe in God and (most of ) “the book” ’s teachings.


While Chris is trying to seduce him (sometimes subtly and sometimes quite openly), the two develop a bond.








And it all goes downhill for our missionary when his friends catch them kissing…


Panicked, he decides to go home to his parents and confront whatever problems await him. But Chris, no longer caring about the bet and totally in love, goes   after him. He catches up with Aaron at the airport, telling him that he loves him.

There in the middle of a snow storm, they share a second kiss-this time initiated by Aaron.

At the airport inn, the two have one of the most beautiful love-making seen on screen. I am saying love-making because I absolutely adore a sex scene that takes place after both characters have fallen madly in love with each other.












Of course conflicts continue for Aaron- he doesn’t want to give up on his family but they do see his feelings for Chris as some type of illness…When Chris wakes up alone, he has to go back to his life in Cali, upset and lovesick.


After going through all the “treatments” his parents make him, he sees a sign that he just should be with Chris.

The scene where they finally get back together is marvelous. But to catch all the beautiful scenes, please check the movie out.




  1. You are so right. Brokeback was a complete dissapointment for me. It was nothing but a story of two rampant guys. But Latter Days was a great movie. I loved it from the beginning to the end. I completely agree with you, I mean. In addition I advise you everybody to watch Shelter. It is also a great movie :)

  2. this one is my all time favorite. =)

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