Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | July 17, 2009

Jonathan Rhys Meyers




  Jonathan Rhys Meyers:

Devilishly gorgeous, incredibly talented, painfully sexy and deliciously Irish…

He has been the face of Hugo Boss, played in a Woody Allen movie, starred in the Tudors as Henry the VIII, played a romantic musician in August Rush and performed his own vocals. He has gotten naked in front of a camera. He has played Elvis. He… You get the idea.  He is versatile.

 I was watching this movie called Tangled. TangledPoster-300I had never even heard of it and there he was. I love discovering good yet not so in-your-face popular movies and it is always an amazing bonus when those movies feature a gorgeous film star. The movie is a lovely romantic thriller with some cool twists.

There he was, in his 20s, playing the ultimate fantasy guy: Sexy, passionate, fun, reckless. The girl had it all. Him as a boyfriend and another “great” guy as her best friend. And then things got really complicated. And I was hooked. Both by Jonathan and the movie. It’s a film that shows what you can do with a good script, talented actors and a low budget.

Whatever he was in, I had to see. He did not look like any other actor I had seen. He had a knack for both good guys and bad; so he made a perfect choice where grey areas were concerned. But when he does get to play a romantic role, it is a deadly combination. Have you seen August Rush? It is such a beautiful tale- he also comes in the form of a rock musician who has not gotten over the girl he fell in love with 11 years ago.

I don’t know who the hottest male celebrity is. But I know that Jonathan does have a number one spot in my list.

younger jonathan

younger jonathan



Forget about dedicating a blog post, I should create a whole blog in his name.

If any guy around you should be jealous of a celebrity, it should be Jonathan.

In August Rush, you just have to believe the amazing power of real love and music. If you can get your head around that, you will just love the quest of a young boy looking for his parents, the guy (Meyers) returning to his dreams and searching for The One- who he lost because of the girl’s manipulative father, and the girl who decides to find his son. jonathan-rhys-meyers-in-august-rushHe is the kind of actor that makes you root for the








impossibly (had it not been played by him) unlikable character. Match Point below. He does some nasty stuff: Lying, cheating, marrying into money, and other bad stuff. Yet he makes you believe that somehow he is the victim.


 I do like U2 as a band and everything but if there are two celebrities that I celebrate the existence of, they are Pierce Brosnan (he is still sexy) and Jonathan. Don’t you love the amazing acting skills that come with a feast for the eyes?




  1. The guy is a total hunk, he also has this unique charisma that he can use to adapt to any role he wants. He belongs to both a Hugo Boss commercial just as well as he becomes the king in Tudors.

    • You should really see Tangled and August Rush. Just for starters, anyway :)

      • i’ve seen August Rush. and will definitely see Tangled. :)


    • *sigh* i couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly what i was thinking…personally i think he’s the most gorgeous guy on earth! The acting, singing,accent, and looks combined…ugh i would have died to be Keri Russel!!!

      • Yeah, you wouldn’t be the only one. I have a feeling this guy is out-of-worldy. Do you get the same vibe too? :)

  3. I totally love this post. and i definitely agree that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is, as you’ve put it, “devilishly gorgeous.” His piercing gaze could make my heart beat faster :) and his acting skills are indeed superb!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the post. He is Ireland’s gift to women and Hollywood. And he has a rocknroll voice. What’s up with that? Some people are just born to
      be in the entertainment industry. By the way, if you do like the blog, please come and visit me on
      It has every post on this blog and many more additions. I think you will like it.

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