Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | July 9, 2009

That Old Feeling


 Starring: Bette Midler, Dennis Farina, Paula Marshall


I am not always gonna talk about dramatic pieces. Here’s a great comedy on love, marriage, relationships and old/new sparks.

And if you are thinking I am discriminating, here the guy-Dan (Farina) – also commits adultery and I am perfectly fine with it.

Molly (Marshall) is getting married. The wedding is extra stressful for her. Not because she’s getting cold feet. But her parents Lilly and Dan (Midler and Farina) are divorced and they really despise each other. She has to make sure they don’t kill each other during the couple of hours they see one another.

Dennis Farina, Bette Midler

Dennis Farina, Bette Midler

And what she fears happens. They do start fighting- The mother is now married to their marriage counselor and the father is married to a woman she is sure Farina cheated on her with. However Farina claims she cheated on him before. This was all expected. What wasn’t though is when they are alone, the attraction comes rushing back and they have sex. More than that, they run off together. Paula’s fiancé is a candidate senator so the last thing this young politician needs is a scandal. So before she can go their honeymoon, she has to console two hectic and borderline crazy second spouses, deal with a paparazzi (Nucci) who is determined  to find the parents…

It is hilarious and romantic- mostly the romance resulting from the chemistry between the paparazzi and Molly- although he could not be more different than her husband, he just is so fun to be around!!!



I laughed my butt off during this film. It might actually be my ultimate favorite Romantic comedy.

Adultery can be OK if the people you are married to are no angels and did use the problems in your marriage to seduce you-and helped you commit adultery in the first place. To see who ends up with who and how, just watch it.


 P.S:  Molly’s fiancé is played by James Denton. I did not notice how good-looking his guy was until he appeared as a plumber in Desperate Housewives. And even though I am not one of the biggest fans of th show, I have to say I was hooked on James. In this movie, he is too uptight and insensitive and the charm card goes to Nucci.

A little on the actors:

James Denton

James Denton


Talk about rugged good looks…His fans might check this movie out to see a younger James.

Paula Marshall plays Molly

Paula Marshall plays Molly This movie is the first time I have seen Paula and she does a great job. So it was nice to see her in Spin City as J. Fox' s love interest.Marshall and Nucci

As for Farina and Midler…They are as marvelously hilarious as always.

that old


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