Posted by: Pinar Tarhan | July 4, 2009

When adultery is okay: REVENGE

Revenge, Spanish movie poster

Revenge, Spanish movie poster



REVENGE (1990)

Starring Kevin Costner, Madeline Stowe and Anthony Quinn

It’s Mexico. It’s hot and Tibby (Quinn) owns quite a lot of it. He is respected, feared and dangerous. Oh, and he is married to a breath-taking beauty named Miryea; played by Madeline Stowe.

Enter Jay. He has left the army after 12 years. He is impulsive, a little rebellious. He is old friends with Tibby and being bored with his life, he decides to pay Tibby a visit.

Imagine a woman married to a guy older than twice her age. Physically, he is not the least bit attractive. But possibly she was younger, stupid and he probably treated her better than the other guys around her. Charismatic and rich, he tempted her.( I wouldn’t have been tempted by Quinn, but wouldn’t have said to Brosnan, Gere, etc…). He doesn’t exactly mistreat her, but she is more of a modern and rich slave. She looks good and groomed. She hosts her parties and pretends she doesn’t notice that her husband cheats on you. And she you meets her friend. A tall, dark blonde, blue eyed friend who is absolutely gorgeous, about her age and who actually has more in common with her than she could ever imagine.

Would you have gone for it if it were you? Hell, I would and so do Miryea and Jay.


So the movie is about an affair? Yes. Is it a romantic drama lasting 2 hours? No. So when Jay can’t restrain himself any longer, M and Jay get to be happy for a very short while. They get busted, resulting in a Jay beaten (almost) to death and Tibby stabbing his pretty wife in the face, comdemning her to a whorehouse where….you can imagine. The movie is filled with action,starting when Tibby busts them and then during Jay’s quest to find M, no matter what. I think you are going to find an entertaining movie with great scenery,good performances and two great-looking leads.

madeline stowe

madeline stowe

Yes,it is OK to cheat on a scumbag of a husband when you meet a hunky nice guy. But maybe it would be better to think of an escape route before jumping heads on…

Just a thought…

P.S: OK-maybe I should give some tips. For instance, if you are going to watch it with a date who is not that into romance, you should see the director’s cut. It is raw,has less affection and romance and more detailed sex scenes.


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